Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Baby Whisperer

I've officially been on my 'summer trip' for approximately 4 hours now and I already have something to blog about! I'm currently sitting in the airport in Charlotte waiting for my layover flight to Augusta, GA where Chad will pick me up and take me out to Wagener. This airport is incredible! First of all, I'm a huge fan of these moving sidewalks, and this place is lined with them. Luckily my next flights terminal was at the complete opposite end of the building so i got to utilize them to their fullest. In fact, I almost missed one but I turned around and picked it up right after I passed it. I know it probably didn't save me anytime, but lets be real, I don't have a lot of moving sidewalks in my house!

So anyway, believe it or not this was my first time flying. I know, I know everyone is so surprised... our family just likes their road trips ya know? Needless to say, I was a little nervous about making a fool out of myself. I wasn't nervous about the flying, just navigating my way there. Mom and Dad walked me as far as they could and then I went through security and was on my way.

I was curious to see who I would get sat by in the plane. And by the way, I definitely wasn't expecting the cramped seats. I felt like I was on a really fast school bus! So anyway just as I sit down and get my laptop stowed away (and the lady ten seats ahead of me decides to try her luck cramming her luggage where my laptop bag was) this herd of 5 kids, their mom, and their grandma. They were, for obvious reasons, the last ones to board the plane. Grandma Patty sat next to me and strapped 9 month old scarlet mae onto her lap. Two of the other kids, Aiden and Isabella were behind me (mind you, Aiden wasn't feeling all that well... something about the flu and feeling nauseous... no big deal. And then mom was sitting beside Mia with 22 month old Ireland on her lap. I introduced myself, made casual conversation, and just kinda stared out the window (mesmerized by the view)

So Aiden takes some medicine before we take off to hopefully calm his stomach and Gradma Patty gets baby scarlet all settled in. The flight was only an hour and 7 minutes, So I figured The kid would make it. Boy was I wrong! All of the sudden I hear Isabella say 'Mommy, he's barfing, he's barfing!' So Grandma springs into action, asking if I would mind holding scarlet ( i didn't mind, so I took her). Before I know it, Isabella pops up to come chill with me. She starts this way... "My name is Isabella. You can call me Isabella or just Bella for short. What's your name?" I answer... she continues "Did you know we're going to MYRTLE BEACH?! my cousins are going to be there too, we didn't know they were coming but they surprised us... well we knew tiffany and brant were coming but not......." yeah the girl could TALK! She was sweet though and after she got out all she had to say she asked "Do you have like a girlfriend?" I said yep, I sure do! She says "I have a boyfriend too". I don't really know how to answer a first grader when they say that so i just said with a chuckle "Cool. How long ya been together". I felt kinda silly asking the question but she said "Oh we just go out at school" hahaha! I love kids!

But anyway the madness died down eventually and when I looked down, baby scarlet mae was fast asleep. The mom and grandma were ready to pay me! haha I guess when ya got it, you got it. It was quite the flight to say the least...


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  1. Oh how I would pay to sleep in your arms :) Miss you already bro!! ttys